The Strange and Wonderful World of Science Fiction Novels

science fiction
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Out of all the genres of novels which have been composed, science fiction looks like one that’s a category apart from all the others. The feeling towards the writing style is one of extreme hate or fanatic following and great enjoyment. Those people who have a natural penchant for unsolved puzzles and unearthly things tend it’d appear to get hooked at a comparatively youthful age, which could be as young as 7 to 8 years. To appease the interest and want to read more of such publications, there are science fiction clubs that are formed where infatuated children or teenagers can only change videos and publications of their favourite science fiction novels and films.

One of the first science fiction novels that one can recall now are The Time Machine and Journey to the Center of the Earth, by H. G. Wells. Now these favorites are replaced with modern ancient space operas like Robert A. Heinleins Citizen of the Galaxy and Orson Scott Cards Enders Game. This type of science fiction has a particular epic scope to the narrative. They include galaxies fighting with each other extraordinary word pictures of aliens, for power, a distorted notion of time and many more.

Other than the space operas there are also those that base the narratives on speculative fiction. They attempt to excogitate what the society will be like a hundred years from now by crystal ball gazing and review present society.

Given the growing popularity of these publications every year sees a slew of new series and groups. Should you be mesmerized by the theory of science fiction but have never attempted reading one begin with a little novel. Before buying to ascertain whether it’s a writing style that you enjoy skim through it. The ones that are not difficult to read will prove to be fascinating since you are unlikely to get overly caught up with jargon that’s incomprehensible.

If science novels interest you subsequently fantasy may be another writing style that you just might need to attempt since both these genres have a likeness between them. If has been seen that if you are invoked by one genre, the other will also. One important difference is that fantasy novels are usually set in the medieval times and regularly deal with sorcerers and wizards while science publications tend to more about technology, gizmos, extraterrestrial beings and are set in a futuristic time zone.

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Comics 101 – What are Graphic Novels?

graphic novel
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In the strictest sense, a graphic novel is a long-form, bound story in exactly the same structure as magazine-style comic books.

The first publication to self-identify itself as a graphic novel was Bloodstar by Richard Corben, accommodating a story by Robert E. Howard in 1976. Nevertheless, superhero comic books, which had a full length experience frequently declared themselves “full length novels” from their covers. And “illustrated novels,” a long-form story accompanied by illustrations but without using word balloons to carry dialogue, had been around since the 1920s at the latest. These illustrated novels were gaining popularity in the late 60s and 70s.!

Yet, practically from the very start, the term ‘graphic novel’ enlarged to contain, along with the long-form person any group of comic books whatsoever, illustrated narrative. Will Eisner used the term on the cover of his brief illustrated story set, A Contract with God and Other Stories in 1978.And DC Comics used the term on the cover and other places to describe gathered editions of The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen in the mid-80s, which were both initially released as limited series. !

Basically, an excellent guideline to recognize graphic novels from comic books is this: it is a graphic novel, if you are able to discover it shelved with other publications at the library. It is likely a comic book, when you can envision it being racked with other magazines at the supermarket or drug store.

There have been several notable graphic novels which have entered the popular awareness over the previous 40 years. Likely the most well-known is The Watchmen, illustrated by Dave Gibbons and composed by Alan Moore, was initially released by DC Comics in a monthly format in 1986. Watchmen tells the story of several retired superheroes living on the brink of atomic destruction, directed by Richard Nixon, who has been elected to a fifth period in an United States. Watchmen was recorded by Time Magazine as one of the “All TIME 100 Novels,” and is the only graphic novel on that list. !

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, illustrated and written by Art Spielgelman, was released in 1986. Maus is Spielgelman’s memoir about his dad’s experiences as a Jew in Nazi Germany, and then Spieglman’s strained relationship with his dad, and investigates individuals generations can change after. Maus garnered a Special Award from the Pulitzer Prize. The storyline was continued in Maus: A Survivor’s Tale-And Here My Troubles Started.

Now, graphic novels (that’s, any bound story or set of stories) have an interesting position in the comic book marketplace, especially the superhero marketplace. As opposed to conventional comic books, graphic novels are more sturdy, age and are less expensive per storyline in comparison with comic books. Graphic novels are viewed as more “evergreen” than comic books, which must be replaced after a month or two, and that makes them more appealing to those booksellers. The success of the bound format is getting some publishers use the monthly format as “loss leaders” to finally raise graphic novel sales, or getting them question the utility of the monthly comic book format completely.

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NBC’s New Day One Scifi TV Show

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Day One is the most recent TV show to be produced by NBC and “Universal Media Studios” who also created “The Office”, all variations of “Law and Order”, and Heroes, among many others. Jesse Alexander (of “LOST”, “Heroes”, “Alias”) will be the executive producer and Alex Graves (of “Journeyman” and “Fringe”) will direct the 13 episodes that NBC plans to air in 2010 as a replacement show for “Heroes”. It is pure conjecture at this time regarding whether NBC will make seasons or more episodes of Day One. For now, they just are saying that they see it as a 13 episode show. Scifi buffs can just expect that Day One will do in the standings that it’ll continue

The storyline for Day One affects the occupants of an apartment building in California who band together for survival after a huge meteor storm ruins the whole technical infrastructure on Earth! No more grocery stores full of gas or food to power your auto or electricity for heat /air conditioning/lights/etc. Unless these survivors can find some means to maintain some remnant of modern human life yes, it is back to the stone period

Audiences should discover the viewing of Day One intriguing as there have been hints the origin of the meteor shower mightn’t be an easy action of nature. It is accurate cause may be “cloaked” in puzzle just as the source and function of the isle is shrouded in enigma on the show, “Lost” and who knows how many other twists and turns the writers may throw at us? Supporters of the short lived show, “Jericho” should love another TV attempt at depicting what life might be like for a little group of human survivors after a serious calamity

The Day One TV show will feature a cast full of talented actors and celebrities! Some of those who might be better known are Catherine Dent who played “Policeman Danni Sofer” on “The Shield” will play “Jennifer” on “Day One”, Sunkrish Bala who played “Eric” on “Notes from the Underbelly” will play “Jamil” on “Day One”, Xander Berkeley who played “George Mason” on season 2 of the “24 TV Show” will play “Clarke” on “Day One”, Leila Birch who played “Teresa” on “EastEnders” will play “BBC Reporter” on “Day One”, Adam Campbell who played “Cal Vandeusen” on last season’s “Harper’s Island” will play “Zach” on “Day One”, and Carly Pope who played “Samantha ‘Sam’ McPherson” on “Popular” will play “Bonnie” on “Day One”.

NBC declared the production of the Day One TV show on May 4, 2009. Then, NBC also said they would be featuring another three brand new drama show during the 2009/2010 TV season titled “Parenthood”, “Trauma”, and “Mercy”. NBC additionally said that two new comedy show called “Community” and “100 Questions” would be added to their program and they’d additionally air 6 brand new live episodes of “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday” in primetime!

In any case, scifi buffs can not help but be happy for at least a few episodes of yet another show in what seems to be an ever-expanding menu of fantasy and science fiction on television!

To find out more about Day One, see a cast picture, and view the show’ preview, visit my “Day One TV Show on NBC” page or check out one of my 100+ Sci-Fi TV Shows

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The Recent Increase in Time Travel Fiction

Time Travel the portable way
Yellow Time Travel
time travel
Image by Douglas Brown

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in years. I played tourist for about two hours downtown. I did my best to take the photographs without the actual human tourists in them but there is a large section of downtown Anchorage by the water that is almost totally tourist driven.

What I liked about this “tunnel” was the history information that including going back to “Anchorage before 1975.” At first, I thought it said “1915.” But, no, 1975.

A period so far back in history that from an Alaskan historic perspective, it would be like the Dark Ages in other areas of the world.

Alaskans have absolutely no sense of history since this area was so recently developed. IMHO, of course!

There have been tendencies in literature and popular fiction. Trench coated private eyes were all the rage back in the 1930s and 1940s, and confessional pseudo biographies (frequently fictional), detailing harrowing youths topped the best seller lists of the previous few years.

Such tendencies are equally as common in genre fiction as they’re in popular fiction. Recently, the most popular fantasy novels aren’t Tolkien like stories of knights and their elfish companies, but urban fantasy novels featuring vampires, werewolves, modern cities, and powerful Buffy like lead characters.

Science Fiction will not escape the popular style. I have always been a supporter of time travel stories in fiction, but until recent years there was very little of it. Golden Age writers like Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov ventured into the sub genre within their heyday, as did a few literary authors including Daphne du Maurier and Kurt Vonnegut. But it’s just been in the previous 15 years that time travel fiction has come into its own.

H.G. Wellsreleased The Time Machine in 1895, and for the next one hundred years there were fewer than fifty novels released where time travel was essential to the story. But since 1995, fifty six new time travel novels have been composed, turning what was once seen as a far-out plot device into a whole sub genre of science fiction.

Modern writers like Connie Willis and Eric Flint have lifted the time travel narrative to a completely new level, introducing their own sub genres within sub genres. Fans of time travel fiction can currently select between conventional ‘put in the past’ novels like Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, alternative universe time travel narratives composed by S.M. Stirling or John Birmingham, or romance novels place between previous and current such as the Outlander series by the ever popular Diana Gabaldon.

These writers now routinely top the best seller lists and line up for science fiction awards, and their supporters assemble communities online, in many situations composing new stories set in the exact same universe. An example of this is the Grantville set, where supporters are actively supported to compose new storylines about the twentieth century American town transported to seventeenth century Germany, with the greatest storylines being printed in the Grantville Gazette of Eric Flint.

Recent examples of the genre comprise the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy by S.M. Stirling, in which the island of Nantucket is inexplicably transported back in time by three and a half thousand years, The Plot to Save Socrates, by Paul Levinson, where two time travelers try to prevent the departure of Socrates, The Anubis Gates, by Tim Powers, in which a twentieth century academic travels back to nineteenth century London to do conflict with early Egyptian sorcerers, and the ever popular and award winning The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger, showing that time travel in fiction is now very much mainstream.

there’s never been a better time for supporters of time travel novels.

J.T. Hogan has for many years been a lover of science fiction, time travel fiction in particular, and has participated in constructing a web site dedicated particularly to time travel novels . !

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Into the Forest Review

maxresdefault (1)22

In this age of sprawling post-apocalyptic dystopias that hinge on CGI special effects, the collapse of law and order, and more often than not zombies, it’s pretty refreshing when a movie comes along and tries to show the quieter side of the end of the world. In the new film Into the Forest, the apocalypse really only serves as a backdrop for the relational struggles that play out between two sisters played by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. While this focus on the relationship between the lead actors is the film’s greatest asset, it also turns out to be its greatest hindrance. The disproportionate focus on character over plot led to the film feeling meandering instead of focused, in the process leaving the audience to fill in the many gaps that the story has.

Lucky for the two sisters, they live in an isolated area with an ample supply of food, and so are pretty well-prepared when everything breaks down. But when the power goes out and all of their electronics are rendered useless, the sisters are forced to go off the grid and figure out a way to survive. After suffering the loss of their father, the filmmaker plays with the characters of the two sisters in interesting ways, showing them holding onto the dreams that they had before everything fell apart, pursuing their goals even after it’s obvious that they’ll never really be able to achieve them.

As you might imagine from this description so far, this film presents a pretty scathing look at just how dependent we’ve gotten on technology in recent years. The filmmaker doesn’t just stop at how technology breaks down connection between strangers, either, but also shows how tech addiction can distance ourselves from those we love the most, to the point where even our family can feel like strangers.

One of the tricky things about book to movie adaptations is that you have to juggle the expectations of the fans of the source material while still delivering a compelling film and hopefully drawing new fans into the franchise. This film mostly does that by exploring the interior lives of its co-protagonists, but just as the saying “the book is better than the movie” goes, this movie was not able to fully capture the emotional core of the characters and instead presented an Into the Woods lite in the end

One of the core components that makes a film great is its visual aesthetic, since a filmmaker only has that and the sense of sound to work with. For example, another apocalyptic film, The Road, did a pretty great job of capturing the dull, wasted tones of a scorched earth, relying on sepia hues to bring us into a world that’s on its deathbed, a world that’s about to draw its last breath. Into the Woods the novel is visually stunning, but for whatever reason that didn’t translate to the movie, where you’d expect it to shine. In fact, the film is never quite able to visually define this forest despite the fact that the title shows just how important it is to the story, and instead you get an unfocused, undisciplined view of the end of the world.

While not a perfect movie, Into the Woods does do a good job of capturing a strained relationship between two sisters set against the backdrop of a crumbling world. The script replicates the way the book deals with trauma in a micro/macro way, with the sisters’ shaky relationship serving as the foreground to the world’s destruction in the background. Produced by arthouse studio A24 in collaboration with DirecTV (see available packages here); following a wide release earlier this year the film is now streaming online and on YouTube. Even with its flaws, this is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss.

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Common Issues In Cosplay

Image by Shadowfoot


Eyebrow: If you determine to trush your eyebrow you should clean your extra eyebow. Using yourself a fundamental form — light, natural or deciding according to your face shape, eye shape, nature, avocation and so forth. Subsequently using the entire effect is modified by eyebrow pencil, eventually an eyebrow brush will assist you to light you make up touch that will help your make up seem natural. You must understand, a beautiful eyebrow overly fold around and can not have the subsequent lousy points thick. Both of your eyebrows should be in the exact same amount. In a wor, natural is the greatest.

Eye Shadow: As we understand, Eye shadow is a thing which help us emphasize our eye arrangement — help you’ve got lovely and captivating eyes. Using an example, you should be like a Sketch which can help you emphasize your eyeball. So you should pay attention to the following points when you’re apply yourelf some eye shadow: in the blooming facet which means colour demand to trasfer from dark shade to light shade and light colour transfer to your skin border (can not have clear bound).

Eyeliner: It can assist you to perfect your eye contour. It is primary function is help you fetch your eye flaws up. As an example, your eyes fold. So it’s inappropriate to draw on eyeliner based on your own eye contour which means you must visualize your face as a canvas and paint two lovely eyes using your own willing in the eye component.

The primary purpose is help yourself become more exquisite and appear more natural. A complete make up can help you become more self-assurance in your cosplay celebration. Your cosplay will be in a wreck if your make up is in a wreck. Yourself will not feel comfortable and individuals who are viewing your cosplay will additionally have a terrible feeling.

For example, if you mean to do a Naruto Uzumaki cosplay in your forthcoming Chriatmas celebration, you should have a same graphic Naruto Uzumaki cosplay make up which can enable you to show out that you’re cosplaying this anime character. Do you believe so? So you must understand the face characteristice of Naruto Uzumaki (the anime character you’ll cosplay): has some adorable beards on both side of his face; wear a nijia headband; yellowish spicky short hair design; large blue eyes. Then you certainly can prepare some make up tools for your Naruio Uzumaki cosplay that may assist you to create a graphic that is same make up as this anime character.


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Doctor Who: The Scifi Survivor

doctor who
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November 23rd 1963, that was the date Doctor Who made its day view on BBC television did the shows creators understand that they’d just found what would become the longest running science fiction show ever!

So How Did Doctor Who Come To Be?

In 1962 the year before Doctor Who Is first ever Television introduction, the BBC’s head of Drama, Sydney Newman, needed a new Saturday night family show to match in between it is present programs for Saturday night, Grandstand and Juke Box Jury.
Thoughts for the new show ranged from troubleshooters from the future, flying saucers, telepathy and a time machine. Of cause all of US know which one came out on top, time travel

There were four principal characters for the show; two of them would be formed by both school teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. So it made no change the adolescent audiences could identify with Susan Foreman, one of their students, even if she happened to be an extraterrestrial being, she look like a person. And then there was the absolute star of the show. An anti hero understood exclusively by the Doctor, from where the name for the show would come; Doctor? As new characters inquired into who the Doctor was, Doctor Who the phrase would come up constantly in future episodes??

The Doctor and his companions set off on there experiences for the very first time in November 23rd of 1963, traveling 100,000 years into worlds previous to help some cavemen find fire for the first time.

Doctor Who Is icons

Likely the most memorable thing in Doctor Who, other than its characters, was and still is the Tardis, the time machine that enabled the Doctor and his companions to travel though space and time. From the theory of it being much larger on the inside than to its appearance as an old blue British telephone box, on the exterior, to the unique sounds it emits while in operation, it’s become one of the icons of Doctor Who.

Another matter that no one forgets readily about Doctor Who, is its theme music, being one of the first ever electronic pieces of music ever created, it’s to this day a time less bit. There had been nothing like it when it was created and to this day there nevertheless continues to be nothing like it, it is just exceptional

Enlarging the show into other Medias

The popularity of Doctor Who grew and grew and soon the BBC was running just written episodes for radio performed by previous performers of the show who’d played the Doctor. Along with this in the mid seventies the BBC began to release soundtracks of the television episodes in audio book format! Due to there popularity The BBC began to bring out the radio episodes in Doctor Who entirely new episodes and audio book composed just for audio book release! More lately Doctor Who has had its first spinoffs with The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood

Where so many Scifi serials have come and gone, Doctor Who has managed to stay afloat and become the longest running Sci Fi show ever, not even the excellent Star Trek and Star Gate Scifi serials have been on the air for as many calendar years. Doctor Who Is skill to constantly change with the times, so as to constantly appeal to the audience of it is in my head what’s enabled it to go on for such a long time, the only question is, will it continue for another 45 years? Only time will tell.

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